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Sylvan Weekends

Formed in the summer of 2022 in the forest; Sylvan Weekends brings together Matthew, Freya & Daniel. Unified vocals from co-writers/producers Matthew & Freya lend a nostalgic feel - one octave up resonates at twice the frequency & both voices together cut through with emotional resonance. The addition of synths & clever percussion drive the songs & make you move. The band are born from contradiction: London meets wilderness, tech meets off-grid, folk meets electro. The ethos of contrast is seeded through every track and lyric. Nobody fits perfectly into one box and neither does their music.


Assigning a genre is tricky - but getting a tune stuck in your head won’t be.

'Uplifting' - Steve Lamacq - BBC Radio 2 & 6 legend
'Gorgeous, would wholeheartedly recommend' - Abbie McCarthy - BBC Radio 1 & Kent
'I just thought this was lovely' - Ricky Ross - BBC Radio Scotland
'Thrilling, chaotic and simply intoxicating' - Wolf in a Suit 
'Outliers' - Dave Gilyeat - BBC Radio Oxford
'Beautiful' - Daniel Pascoe - BBC Radio Cornwall
'Sure to resonate with an audience in a live setting' - Folk Radio UK

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